CMFPublicator Configuration

After you have installed the CMFPublicator in Zope and CMF or Plone, with an External Method or QuickInstallerTool, you can configure each box as you wish.

Just click in the portal_publicator object and you will see the overview about this tool, then click the Configuration tab. This page allows you build and configure the boxes. It's similar to the Actions tool features.

Each field is explained below:

The boxes order is not important. Build one Publication box to each portlet that you wish to use.

Now you must create your portlet based on CMFPublicator mechanisms. You can use a example portlet by customizing the portlet_example in the portal_skins/publicator/publicator_examples. This tool can be used to manage banners too. See Example help page for more information.

CMFPublicator provide also more powerfull usage options, as boxes management in other portal nodes and get other metadatas by customizing a Python Script of the File System. See Special Uses help page for more information.

Then you can visit CMF or Plone site and click on the Publications link to manage contents or boxes configuration.